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Telephone service first came to Lovington in the early 1890ís with the formation of the Farmers and Merchants Telephone Company. The first telephone office was housed in a building that is presently the location of the post office in Lovington, Illinois.

Through the early 1950ís, as service improved, the people in Lovington began to rely more on their telephone. By early 1957, it became evident that the company was not going to be able to provide the quality or quantity of service that the customers expected if the company continued to use manual equipment. Mr. Hal Bowers decided at this time that he wished to dispose of the interest he had in the company. That interest was purchased by Francis Bowers.

On June 1, 1959, the Moultrie Independent Telephone Company served a total of 443 phones. On July 1, 1975, Rue F. Bowers retired from active service with the company. His interest was purchased by Mr. And Mrs. Francis E. Bowers.

In the mid 1970ís, Francis and Anitaís second and third sons, David and Stuart Bowers, who had worked part-time through school, became full-time employees at the telephone company. Their first son, Steven, was a Navy officer on active duty at that time. It was in 1981 that Steven joined his family as vice president of the telephone company. In 1993, he became president.

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