• Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection
    This feature allows you to define a list of up to 10 calling numbers that will be accepted. All other incoming calls will be rejected and will receive an announcement that the called party is not presently accepting calls.

  • Three-Way Calling/Transfer
    Allows you to add a third party to a local or long distance conversation.

  • Distinctive Ringing/Teen Line
    Gives you a second telephone number which will ring differently on your phone.

  • Select Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
    Allows you to define a list of up to 10 calling numbers that will provide a special incoming ring.

  • Call Forwarding
    Forward incoming calls to another number.

  • Auto Call Back/Auto Recall
    Return calls to last number that called you.
    Automatically redial busy numbers and last number dialed.

  • Call Waiting/Cancel
    Allows you to receive a second call while you are using the phone.

  • Speed Dialing
    Call emergency and frequently dialed numbers by pressing one or two numbers.

  • Call Trace & Help Line
    Trace the last call you received.
    Automatically dial number just by lifting receiver.

  • Caller ID/Blocking/Rejection
    Know who is calling and also be able to block all calls that cannot be identified.

  • Also Voice Mail And Call Answering

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